Announcement 1:
Action plan for coming and Following Fridays:

There will be two Friday congregations
1st One in English, khutbah at 1:15pm, salah at 1:30pm. Everyone must be out of Masjid by 1:45 PM
2nd one in Arabic, khutbah at 2pm, salah at 2:15pm

All Brothers and Sisters who understand Arabic are very strongly advised to attend 2nd Congregation that is in Arabic. However, if for a valid reason, exceptions will be made by Sheikh Abdullah, but prior approval needs to be taken by him.

We have at least 4 people, who will sanitize the Bathrooms, Door knobs etc right after each congregation.

Man will enter only thru Main entrance and leave from Northern Gate (Back Door) only.Women will enter from Main entrance where stairs are being attached and be ready before Friday, will also leave from North entrance only. Upon entrance, bags will be provided for shoes to keep with you to avoid any going back

Wudu areas will be closed. Bathrooms will only be used for Emergencies.

No entry allowed without face cover and Prayer Rugs. No Exceptions.

Please understand that we are taking every possible step to make it safe for all of us. But it won’t be possible without everyone participation.

Jazak Allah Khair

Announcement 2:
Insha Allah Masjid will re-open starting from Saturday with Fajr prayer. Even though Friday we go green, we are not ready this Friday for Jumuah Prayer. We will announce it when Masjid is prepared for the Jumuah Prayer.

Masjid areas have already been marked 6 feet apart. Utilize these marked locations for prayers. Please always keep social distancing in the Masjid including during salah.

Here are the rules to follow while coming to and in the Masjid

No entry to the Masjid without a Mask and a Prayer Rug
1.    Everyone must always wear a Face Mask covering nose and mouth
2.    Everyone must bring their own prayer rug
3.    Make Wudu at home and come to Masjid with Wudu
4.    Avoid using Masjid bathrooms.

Other rules to follow:
1.    No hand shakes and Hugs
2.    Do not touch your face especially Nose, Eyes and Mouth
3.    If you have Flu like symptoms like temperature, even Low grade, cough, body aches, stay home
4.    If you have traveled recently or came in contact with someone diagnosed to have Covid-19, Stay home
5.    If you are over 65, have health conditions like lung diseases, diabetes and compromised immune, pray at home
6.    No children under 10 year will be allowed
Remember if you touch anything inside the Masjid, sanitize your hands right away

May Allah AW protect us, our Families and our Communities, Ameen

Announcement 3:
Masjid will be giving out produce to our Muslim communities and open to public from Saturday June 26th from 11am to 3pm. First come first serve.

Announcement 4:
Covid information Click here

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