Eid Al-Adha:

Assalam alaikum, Eid al Adha will be on Friday July 31st In sha Allah. We will have two Eid prayers.

•    7:00 am (khutbah in Arabic)
•    8:00 am (khutbah in English)

The masjid capacity is limited to 86 men and 45 women.
Because of the social distancing we are only allowed above number.

If you come for the first one and the space is full you will be asked to stay in your car and join the second one. If you come for the second one and the space is full you can wait to pray by yourself or as a congregation but without khutbah.

We hope that you understand that we are in unprecedented times and circumstances.


Masks and Prayer mats will be required. No hugging or shaking hands please.

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