The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: "Whoever builds a mosque with the intention of seeking Allah's pleasure, Allah will build for him a place in Paradise."(Bukhari, 441, Vol.1)
Our community is growing significantly, Alhamdulillah. Our masjid in the process of completing a large project to renovate and answer this demand. Project cost was $203K. Renovation project includes, north side of the 1st floor and 2nd floor prayer halls, additional HVAC for these floors, new kitchen and bath area, new carpets in sisters social room.

Your donations are greatly appreciated. Please continue with your support.
"Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance, and to Him you will be returned." (Qur’an 2:245)
May Allah accept all your donations and build a place in Paradise for you and your family. Amin.

Donate by Mail

Please make checks payable to "Islamic Association of Erie". You can drop it in the masjid donation box or mail it to below address. Jazaak Allah Khair

Islamic Association of Erie
2419 Holland St.
Erie, PA 16503

Donate Online

Paypay charges us ~3%. We prefer you use the masjid donation box if you can.

Masjid Maintenance Sadaqa for the Poor
Online donations are secured by paypal. Masjid does not see any bank account information.

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